Friday, September 27, 2013

The Sa-Hali September Pro-D Day!

What an amazing day with our faculty here at Sa-Hali today.  Over the course of the day we:

  • Worked with QR codes in our staff scavenger hunt
  • Utilized literacy strategies in our activities such as Save the Last Word and Multiple-Perspectives Carousel (see links in our "Engagement Strategies that We Are Modeling"
  • Designed a visual aide to guide us in terms of our vision of attributes that we want for our graduates.
  • Demonstrated divergent thinking and respectful relationships in each of our discussions 
  • Worked with Bloom's Taxonomy to begin to examine the tasks that we use in our classes to require the behaviours that we want from our students and from ourselves.

  • Created a video archive of our day.
  • Had a great day working TOGETHER!

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